Jean R Desgrottes Jr. is a New England based designer, and front end developer.

My heart, and soul went into this project. I created the above logo, and brand name. The name Lorreta is an anagram for the word Realtor. Mark previously came up with the name Realagogo after we had a few too many beers, but I was discontent with it (blame it on the alcohol). So I worked feverishly to come up with a better brand, and thus Lorreta was born.
These are screens I designed for the native iOS app. I made all the icons for these as well.
This was the login view I designed for the desktop app. I took the clean, and minimalistic approach.
Above is the view of the user's timeline, feed, or wall.
This is the view of the user's inbox for sending, and receiving messages, files etc.
This is the realtor's dashboard, and crm desktop view.